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Past Events and Recordings

Below is a collection of past recordings, news interviews, and recent presentations our chapter members have been involved with. 

(Click the picture to watch the video.)


CFBAA   Interview w/ Micaela Tulian   3/1/2024

Florida Aviation Network Host Vicki Sherman interviews Micaela Tulian with our chapter at the Central Florida Business Aviation Association event in Daytona Beach.


Aviation Network Interviews    Barbara Walters Phillips at WAI 2024

Chapter member Barbra speaks on her experience at WAI 2024 as well as shares info on her different activities geared towards getting young people into aviation.


Aviation Network Interviews Captain Pamela Perdue at WAI 2024

WAI CFL Chapter member Pamela - United  Captain of B757 & B767 talks about her time at the conference as well as her hiring efforts working with United.


Girls in Aviation Day on the Monica May show 8/21/2022

Chapter member, Amber speaks live on Orlando's Star 94.5 radio show 'A point of view' with Monica May. Listen in at the 1:03:00 mark.

Airmail with Ivy.PNG

Airmail Beacon Stations Presented by Ivy 6/30/2022

Chapter member, Ivy talks about the Transcontinental Airway System and the U.S Airmail Beacon system.


Annual #HonorTheWasp event

Our chapter members paid respects to Marguerite “Sis” Tuffin Bernhardt on Memorial Day.

Share Your Success Stories and Achievements with Us!

We know our members achieve incredible things daily, and we want to celebrate your successes with the rest of the community! We're inviting you to share your recent accomplishments with us. Whether you've passed a checkride, received a promotion, or achieved a personal goal, we want to hear about it!

Sharing your success story is a great way to inspire others in our community and showcase the fantastic work that our members are doing. It's also an opportunity to get recognition and visibility for your accomplishments.

So, don't be shy! Use our social media form to submit your success story, and we'll help you spread the word through our social media channels and community platforms. Sharing your account can inspire and motivate others while celebrating your achievements.

We can't wait to hear from you and share your success with the world!

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